Other risks common to the meat industry

Every industry has common hazards. Some hazards are common across many industries. For example manual handling hazards are significant cause of injury and subsequent workers’ compensation claims in all industries across Australia.

What are common hazards in the meat processing industry?

  • the work premises and physical environment including:
    • electricity
    • lighting
    • exposure to noise, vibration, heat, cold and radiation
    • confined spaces
    • contact with moving objects
    • people falling
    • housekeeping
    • handling livestock
  • plant, equipment and tools including:
    • installation, use, maintenance and storage of equipment
    • use of knives
    • quad bikes, forklifts and vehicles
  • manual handling
  • exposure to asbestos and hazardous substances during handling, storage, transport and disposal
  • work practices and systems of work
  • biological hazards, including any infectious organism
  • zoonotic diseases
  • common illnesses
  • psychological hazards, including drugs and alcohol at work, fatigue, workplace bullying and harassment and violence
  • stockyard design. For a case study on safe stock yard design by WorkCover Queensland, click here.

For more information on these risks, click here. This will take you to the MLA OHS Reference Guide Part 4, Common Hazards.

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