Supervisor’s role in induction

As supervisors you are often tasked with the role of inducting new recruits. The objective of workplace health and safety induction is to provide new recruits with the WHS knowledge and skills they need prior to commencing work in the plant.

Role of the supervisor in induction:

Supervisors should play a vital role in the induction process, with active participation in the induction team. Supervisors should act as positive role models.

To achieve this, supervisors need to be trained in:

  • dealing with different personality types
  • adult learning styles
  • effective communication
  • dealing with conflict in the workplace
  • understanding what is important to employees
  • role modelling positive workplace behaviour.

Supervisors will be:

  • involved with the induction process from the beginning
  • better equipped to manage new employees and able to identify those at risk of leaving
  • able to provide clear instructions
  • equipped to make decisions that are transparent
  • empowered to take some responsibility for positive retention.

It is ideal that the employer makes a checklist of issues for the supervisor to discuss with the worker. Using the checklist ensures that everything has been covered and that all new workers are given the same or similar advice.

Checklist for site specific information relating to WHS induction