WHS induction for meat processing workers

Induction is a vital first step to assimilate a new employee into a new environment and job with the view of giving the new employee information and training. Well inducted employees are ‘work ready’ and productive, and are workers who are more aware of, not only their own personal well being and safety, but also that of other co-workers.


Induction is particularly important in relation to WHS as employers have a legislated duty of care to provide a healthy and safe workplace for workers. This duty may be breached by not informing and training workers in safety procedures and policies.

For more information on safety induction Click here. This will take you to the MLA OHS Reference Guide Australian Meat Industry. Search for section 2.3.

A General Induction Checklist can be found by clicking here.

For more information on induction for new employees in meat processing companies, you can purchase an Induction manual from MINTRAC. Click here to find out more.